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  • Export of Used Equipment

    There’s a large domestic manufacturer that wants to transfer a used automatic production line to its subsidiary overseas, entrusting ADP to complete all the export operations for it, including confirmation of all policies, asset evaluation, signing of con

  • Sukendi Electronic Elements

    Entrusted by a renowned Japanese semi-conductor manufacturer, the company is responsible for manufacturing all electronic elements on the import air conditioner circuit control panel, including the capacitance, resistance, switch, connector, relay, curren

  • “Jia Ding Waste Incinerator Equipment” Case of Financing Services Integration (Export to China)

    Authorized by a clean energy company in Shanghai, ADP undertook Shanghai municipal government project of importing waste incinerator equipment.

  • Offer Indian Clients Domestic Electronic Parts

    VIDEOCON is a renowned Indian white goods manufacturer, with its sales network covering all corners of India and all its electronic parts related to the production purchased from China.

  • Sharing of the Case of Frozen Fish Import

    A domestic major food manufacturer wanted to import a variety of frozen fishes from the Surinam region of South America. Through selection among several trade supply chain suppliers, they finally decided to join hands with ADP.

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